Enterprise profile
      Design and production process of Ma'anshan City, Huan Tai environmental protection equipment Co. Ltd is mainly engaged in electric power, metallurgy, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, biological, water supply and drainage in the fields of water treatment equipment, water treatment engineering and automatic control system. At the same time, our company also offers a large analysis instrument and environmental facilities operation and maintenance service.
      The company operating the people-oriented, bringing together the technical personnel from different areas and professional dozens, including senior technical staff accounted for more than half of the total number of the company, the company is located in Ma'anshan City, Huashan Industrial Concentration Area, with the standard workshop and office building. Good production office conditions and sufficient reserves of talent has laid a      strong foundation for customers to create more value and provide more quality services.
      The company main products have high performance of metering pump chlorine (ClO2), disinfection equipment, complete sets of automatic dosing equipment, heat exchanger,     self-cleaning filter, chemical oil remover, high pressure ion stick and ultraviolet sterilization and disinfection equipment, water vapor concentration and sample analysis device, like water automatic constant temperature device, water quality on-line analytical instruments, laboratory equipment; oil chemical analysis instrument and water treatment equipment design, water and sewage treatment plant; automatic control system installation, commissioning, training, operation and maintenance etc..
      Keep close cooperation and communication of the company also with the domestic and foreign colleges, society, industry, government departments etc.. Strive to the fastest speed to provide customers the optimal design, the best equipment, the most advanced technology and the most valuable service.
      Take the customer as the center is the core strategy of the development of the company, by maintaining constant communication and communicate with customers, pay close attention to customer needs, rapid response, to meet customer demand. Let our customers timely and fully enjoy we provide quality products and services.
      As a professional environmental protection enterprises, adhering to the creation and dissemination of value, social services business philosophy, the company in the process of development and expansion, and actively expand the market, constantly developing and maintaining customer and marketing network organization the same business philosophy. In the positive publicity for my company quality products at the same time, vigorously promote the health, environmental protection, advanced production and way of life, and promote the harmonious development of society health to make our contribution.